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One note has appeared in all notes

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Hi, I hope somebody may be able to help me. My Evernote Plus experience was going well until today. One note has appended itself to all other notes. The original note is still there underneath the 'rouge' one. Opening a new note has that note in it already.

I have tried highlighting the note using Ctrl + A and trying to delete - it didn't help. I have tried to find a reference to this problem without success.

I hope that somebody will be able to help me sort this problem out.

Takes in advance and my best wishes to all.

Richard Aspin.

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Hi.  In increasing order of desperation,  the fixes are:

  1. log out of Evernote,  then back in
  2. log out,  restart device,  then back
  3. backup current database as precaution,  log out,  uninstall / restart / reinstall
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