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✔ SUGGESTion-REQUEST: Dynamic TAG Searching


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... for future EN updates:
Dynamic TAG Searching, when:
1) adding Tags,
2) searching Tags in Sidebar,
3) searching Tags in TAGs Screen,
When searching tags for 'xxx' string, the results must also display tags with in-word occurrences of this string,
i.e., the 'iiixxxyyy' and the 'iiiyyy xxx yyy' tags, (see attachment).
Actually, this is how EN Web and EN Clipper handle Tag Searching, but desktop EN can't do that.
Especially in TAGs Screen, (when you press 'Tags' in Sidebar), I've never been able to find any of my tags by searching there, (I use to have more than 1 full screen of tags)!


[If you want to vote for this idea please PRESS the VOTE button ^ (at the right of my picture - top of page)!]

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