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(Archived) From EverNote to EverBlog....

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Hi Folks,

...And thanks for the invitation to play.

Playing with the windows and the web clients today made me think about a possible evolution of the Evernote 3.0 concept.

I thought it would be a great blogging/publishing platform with content grabbing and publishing tools nicely integrated and synchronized over several platforms.

I tought that it would be great to make some of the note publics and have some kind of EverBlog.

Then reading this forum I came across several threads that described similar ideas.

The best was when I discovered that it was indeed possible to publish a notebook and I promptly jumped and made one myself : http://preview.evernote.com/pub/cmagic/CmagicsEverBlog/

They even have permalinks and display tags !!

Now, think about mapping tags to blog categories, add a calendar, add the ability to comment, an RSS feed and display several notes (entries) in the front page in chronological order and you have a nice blog.

Of course things still need polishing, but it's a nice beta so far.

And IMHO, the concept of a "note taking" platform that is also a blogging/publishing platform has some great potential indeed.

Anyway you probably thought about it, didn't you ?

Thanks for letting us share the excitement;


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