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Web Clipper / Chrome / OS X not working


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On all my machines at home and work I have the Evernote Web Clipper up and running.  I had it working on my Macbook and then went and reinstalled (call it a "winter cleaning"), after installing Chrome, Google detected that I had the extension installed, so appeared to install it.  However, the icon does not show up in my tool bar.  I can't find it..  When I go into Chrome's Extension list, Evernote Web Clipper is not listed.  If I go to the gallery to add the Web Clipper, it shows it is already installed, so no option to install the extension.

Anyone else experience this?

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Hi.  Not clear on the degree of reinstallation here - did you do that with just Evernote or EN+Chrome?  It sounds as though things got a bit confused - maybe uninstalling both,  then installing Chrome,  then Evernote would iron things out?  Just guessing here...

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