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Alignment of Annotations

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I have got a weird problem with the alignment of the annotations on some PDFs.

It works fine for most, but on some of the files, the annotations are misaligned after you save and exit. This misalignment shows up in both the summary and also if you open the PDF with other PDF viewers. It looks fine if you open it using the annotating tool though.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem?

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@C Jom I see that you annotated some PDFs but the annotations moved from their original position. I'd like to gather some more details about your issue.

1. Were these PDF files annotated in Evernote?

2. Is this issue appearing only on the desktop app or can you also reproduce it on the Web version as well?

3. Also, please make sure your app is up to date on the latest version.

If the issue is appearing on the desktop and web and your app is up to date, I recommend opening a support ticket so that we can investigate the issue further for you. If you can, please also attach a copy of the annotated note in your support ticket for testing.

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I have a similar problem. I use Evernote on a Mac and iOS. When creating annotations on one platform they will shift upwards when annotating on the other platform. I've attached examples of how the same annotated PDF looks on both platforms.



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