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How to tell what size in MB your note is

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There's a table that says the maximum size a note can be. I think in Plus it's 50 MB. But I can't find anywhere on a note where it says the note's size in MB to check if I'm going over. Can someone point me to the right place to check on a given note's size? Is there a button to push? Obviously there's something I'm not seeing.


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Roz, with the Windows version of EN, go up to the View menu and select "Show Status Bar".

The size of the Note will appear on the bottom row of the screen.

I suspect it works the same on Macs. I don't know of a way to do it with iOS.

For future reference in order to enhance the responses you get from other people, if you post to this forum be sure to state what version of EN (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) that you are using.

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Thank you Analyst444, I realized after I sent the note I should have said I was working on a Mac (10.9.5) and I appreciate the advice. I've done what you suggested and looked in the view menu, but there isn't a "Show Status Bar" even in the submenus. I did poke around in the other menus and couldn't find it there either, so there is definitely something I'm missing. I do appreciate your help.

Since I can't find it maybe you can tell me, if I get to the size limit for an individual note will there be a warning? I'm concerned that I might just write and write and then lose all the writing because I've gone past the limit. If I know there's a warning that will come up, then I won't worry about this and don't need to know the individual sizes. Even if you can't help with that, thanks.

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Analyst 444, I just discovered a way to find this size information by accident!

I was looking in the menu list again at everything, And there was a "sort by" selection and it said "by size" so I knew there must be a way to find out, and then while moving my mouse I stopped by a little button at the top of the note window that has a lowercase i in a circle. I clicked on that and it provides information for the note. Bingo!

I would not have found it without your help, so thank you!


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Roz, way to go!

I just checked my wife's Mac and, yes, that's the way to get the Note size on your Mac.

In regard to the limit, don't worry. I wrote and published a 350 page book on Amazon. As a PDF, it is only a little over 1 MB. So, the 50 MB limit is going to allow you to write several thousand pages before you come close to the limit.

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Just to add - the file size on your desktop isn't an exact guide to the note size,  so be careful if uploading large pictures or media files;  and Evernote uses limits to mean exactly that.  Exceeding the size of a note will mean you can't edit that note,  and may prevent you from syncing any notes until you find the problem.  If you're getting within 10% or so of the maximum,  start another note!


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21 hours ago, Roz Stendahl said:

Can someone point me to the right place to check on a given note's size?

As per the screenshot below, I have my note list on top. It shows columns; note size is at the right.


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DTlow, Cool, I didn't see that there was a layout like this. I've only looked at the  snippet version of the list and the card view. This is great. I can go check on them all if I'm worried. Thanks so much.

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wrong word used
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Hello everyone here in this thread, its my first time here. Thank you for your sharing and answers

I read the whole thread and still the problem i am facing is not solved nor covered.


Here is the thing, and it very important to me:


I do a Ton of audio recordings in Evernote everyday via my android smartphone outside of home. 


When the 50mb file size limit is reached, it automatically stops recording and i am left with a BIG loss because the rest of the audio goes unrecorded!

It happened often to me and it's very frustrating.


Why is there NO alarm nor indication signaling when my recording is approaching the last 10 or 5mb of storage so i can quickly stop it, save it and start a new recording??


I lost a lot of work because of this and even though i love Evernote, i absolutely hate this inconvenience about it.


Please tell me how can i know the file size on Android via smartphone, because i looked everywhere and i cant find it


And yes i do know that i can see the audio file size After its been created, but that doesn't solve my problem, because i need to see the audio file size Live as its happening, not afterwards, otherwise its too late like that. 


And also since that i have hundreds even thous of audio recordings, i cannot go through them to count the final file size of all of them put together, its just unproductive like that.


I ask Evernote software writers to kindly add a Live file size counter and pre-full alarm so we know when its getting near to the size limit and auto stopping!!!

Thank you





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Adding more relevant information
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On 27/01/2018 at 4:06 PM, OwenEvernote said:

kindly add a Live file size counter

Hi.  I doubt that Evernote will do as you ask - they're set up to do a lot of things within notes,  but in each case - handling pictures / showing text / recording sound - the features are pretty basic,  because they have to work in most operating systems,  on a huge range of devices,  for people in a wide range of activities from cub scouts to astronauts.  (I may have exaggerated there a little...)

It's probably not hard to set up a counter for notes approaching a certain size,  but it will require a considerable amount of time and effort to cover all the options;  and unless it will benefit a lot of users,  there are several thousand other requests they already have to consider.

Although I know Evernote can record sound,  I use four external apps for my recording (3 on Android,  1 in Windows).  They are  Cogi (which can record 30 seconds of sound before I hit record),  Hi-Q for good quality sound (Music) and Voice recorder - which does exactly what it says.  My Windows software is Audacity,  which I can use to edit the files produced by the other apps if necessary.

Because these apps generate MP3 files,  they make good use of my storage space - and if one file is too long I can chop it into sections with Audacity.  I add the MP3 files to Evernote when I've finished recording so my normal device OS tells me how big they are.

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