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Conflicting Changes on Shared URLs After Editing File

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I regularly use the "Copy Share URL" feature to link documents that I've written over to other people. 

Without fail, once I send them the link, I decide I want to make a quick edit to what I've written. But editing the file after it's been shared creates a "conflicting changes" document, instead of editing the file that they've been linked to.

Is there any way to make Evernote not create a conflicting changes file, and instead just make an edit to the original one I linked to?


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They already can't edit it. It's not them editing it that creates the conflicting changes, it's me editing it.

I'm using a windows desktop... it sounds like "copy note link" might be the same as "copy share URL" but in a different version of the software?

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I realise it's not them creating the conflicts directly,  but if you allowed them to edit notes,  and one or more had the notes open -even if only to read- whilst you tried to make changes,  Evernote might have become confused as to whose version was the most recent.  If you didn't allow editing rights in the first place,  then that confusion could not arise.

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