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White background paper scans with yellow background


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Scanned a photocopy of a hand written document using iPhone. The original had a white background but was not very legible. The results produced a document with a bright yellow background. Actually, that is preferable in this case and I would like to replicate the yellow background for subsequent pages of the same document which were produced with a white background. Can't figure a way to show a picture here.  THanks for any clues as to how this happened and how I can choose the option in the future.

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Yeah, again, not sure, but I took a Scannable snap of a regular post it and a larger square of paper (both with handwriting on them) and I ended up with the post it logo beneath the image when I viewed them in EN Windows.  So Scannable may be automagically doing something, I just don't use it enough to know.  Behavior says so though.

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A guess would be something square with handwriting on it.... 

Or you could take the picture within the IOS EN app.  There is an option to save as a Post-it.  Not sure it would work for you though.  FWIW.

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