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Where is an instructional guide?

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37 minutes ago, Lynda Criswell said:
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I downloaded Evernote - twice - but can do nothing with it..  I cannot save items to it or send items 

to it.. Is there not an instruction manual?. 

How about this


You'll get more help if you can be more specific on what you've tried.

For example sending to your Evernote address should be straight forward.
I use an address like  david_low.nnncn@m.evernote.com

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Thanks, Gazumped!. I wish they made it more obvious.. Thanks to you, I will check out the page you suggested before I decide whether or not to delete it.  Lynda

I have spent another two hours working on this, and still cannot get Evernote to work smoothly.. It appears to be a time waster so far. I can put items into Pages instantly.. What is the advantage of Evernote?

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Please explain what procedures you are using that are failing.

Try dragging a file from your desktop to the Evernote icon.

Click on the Evernote icon and open the app
You should see the window below.


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28 minutes ago, Lynda Criswell said:

I can put items into Pages instantly.. What is the advantage of Evernote?

Pages and Evernote are apples and oranges.  You need both, but for totally different purposes.  Basically, Evernote is a PIM, Personal Information Manager that can sync across almost all computing devices.  

If you will do a google on "why Evernote" you'll find lots of article.  Here's one from LifeHacker.com that is pretty good.  It is a few years old, and the UI has changed, but the basics are still the same:

What's All the Fuss About Evernote? Should I Be Using It?

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6 hours ago, Lynda Criswell said:

I cannot save items to it or send items 

Just an fyi - the send to Evernote is a premium account feature; You need a paid account

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1 hour ago, Lynda Criswell said:

What is the advantage of Evernote?

For me, Evernote is my digital filing cabinet.
It also replaces my paper filing cabinet; I scan any paperwork that I receive.

It provides organization of my 6000+ notes using the Tag system.
It provides sharing and local features using the Notebook system.

I do use Evernote for quick notes, but I use dedicated apps for detail work (for example Pages)

Evernote is not a dedicated Project/Task Manager, however it satisfies my needs.

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9 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

the complete set of Evernote videos:

Evernote - YouTube Video Playlists


JMichael, thanks for posting this helpful link.

Evernote should consider the following facts:

  1. Evernote has known my email address since I started with the program
  2. I started using Evernote in 2008 (almost 8 years ago). 
  3. I check this forum on a daily basis.(usually multiple times per day)
  4. I've submitted many Support Requests over the years.
  5. My Evernote account is up to 30,000 notes

And this is the first time I ever heard about Evernote's video library (containing dozens of how-to videos).

Grrrr!  Shame on Evernote's marketing department.

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40 minutes ago, Lynda Criswell said:

I just watched a video from Mac Helpers on Evernote and tried it again.. I still can't make it work.. Thanks for your help, but I will delete it.

It's just as well.  After all help and videos we shared with you, if you can't get Evernote to work, you never will.  Good luck!

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