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Using "OR" Operator with Tags

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You cannot combine OR with AND in a search.

This search will find tags that are jake OR dan OR spencer

any: tag:jake tag:dan tag:spencer

There is a work around, and it can be done quickly, but most users don't want to use it.  Tag the group of jake, dan, and spencer with a temporary tag (family) and then search for

tag:family tag:baseball

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To @jbenson2's point, you can only do AND (a note must have all the tags to found) or ANY (a note may have any of the tags to be found) searches in EN.  The AND/OR has been requested many times but EN has opted not to add it to the product.  So in the meantime workarounds like the above are how to get it done.

In case you aren't aware, the easy way to create the temporary tag is to do the any search, hit Ctrl-A to select all the results, hit Ctrl-Alt-T to get the assign tags window, enter the tag in the Add a new tag area, click Add and then OK.

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