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(Archived) drag&drop an email to EN does not work



hi all,

if i'm dragging a mail from list of messages of mail.app to a notebook in EN, then this comes up


(which means, that the email can't be saved in the given path. choose another path.)

after i click "OK", a normal "Save Email as..." window comes up and wants me to choose a path to save the email.

which i abort, because i don't want to save that email.

it does not matter on which notebook i drag the email, nor if the mail is in a subfolder or a subsubfolder or in the inbox.

any ideas?



i think, i remember, that it worked with the last version of EN.

But i can be, that the AppleScript from Veritrope made it for me. i can't remember.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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