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Doodle's Productivity Book

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Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share this e-book I stumbled across recently, as it mentions Evernote quite a lot ;) I got some nice productivity tips out of it, and how to manage time a bit better. The book is just a Q and A with around 30 professionals in all sorts of areas - small businesses, authors, CEOs, etc. Pretty much all of the people interviewed mention Evernote as their favourite tool to use for staying organised, but I also learnt about new tools like Nozbe and Wunderlist, so that could be helpful to some! Was simply nice to hear that these super busy people are just people like us at the end of the day, and if they can stay calm and not get stressed, then I can too :P Particulary writer Jill Duffy was a bit of an inspiration to me in the book :) 

You can have a look at this site www.productivity-book.com if you're interested! I picked it up on Amazon for about $1 for my Kindle, so it won't set you back much :D



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