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desktop app - Tag switch

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this is my first question in this forum. I have a problem with the tag switch. Create a new note it is not possible to set a tag. Reminder and other things ok. In evernote touch and android app it is possible. What can i do?


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Thanks for your answer. I can create a note, can use all functions, i think so. Online, evernote touch, android no problem.

It seems that the tag switch is fixed.no reaction when the mouse get on it. I only use my tablet pc. I hope you will have an idea.

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If you're using the Windows Touch version there will be differences between it and other Evernote clients - Touch does seem much more limited.  Best suggestion would be to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app,  and if you still have problems raise a support request -scroll to the bottom of this page to click the 'Contact Support' button.

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