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Thanks for PDF markup and OAuth



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I have input into many feature requests and hopes for the future in Evernote. Those are still there to be sure.

But for today, as I markup a PDF on my iPad I wanted to just say thanks for what Evernote is, here and now.

This could be cross posted in the Windows forum where I use that client and the web clipper every day.  Where I incessantly markup and document screen captures, and share them out for instructing staff.

It could be cross posted in the Mac forum where I use it at home, and like some of its unique personalities while missing some of the Windows flavour.

It could be cross posted in the web forum, where I enjoy love the OAuth support, and enjoy each and every time I'm prompted for a second factor to login (even to the discussion thread here), or to re-authorize an iOS App.

And every day where I live in Evernote on my iPad and iPhone.

The sync just keeps getting better.

The PDF markup is a real pleasure to use.

i'll no doubt rant another day soon.  But for today I'm just steeped in the fact that it's such a help and pleasure to use. 

Thanks Evernote. 

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