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Reminder Date on Android Phone

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The Reminder Date, when being set, should indicate the day of the week. This happens on Android tablets and on PCs but it doesn't happen on smart phones. Whenever I am reviewing my outstanding tasks I'm always thinking "I'll do it next Wednesday" but the spinners used to set the date don't tell me the day of the week and so I have to jump out of Evernote to look at my calendar first to figure out which date to set the reminder on.


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The reminder date does display but it displays as 3 spinners for day, month and year which means if you wanted to set a reminder for the first Wednesday of next month, it doesn't tell you what day of the week the date falls on. 

However I recently upgraded my Note3 to a Note4 and was going to screen capture this for you right now but this one displays a full calendar to select from so for me at least the problem has gone away.

On my Note3, if on the circular display that usually offers Tomorrow you clicked on the word Tomorrow then you ended up with a date spinner.

Now on the Note4 when I do that it gives me a proper calendar so I'm a happy bunny now :)

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That is great to hear.

We have been doing some updates to the way reminders display and work for the Evernote application for Android. Most of the changes happened recently after the 7.5.1 update and the now 7.6 update. Please let us know if you have any questions and have a great week!

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