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(Archived) PDF files not searchable

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I am a new user to Evernote. I have scanned some pages and have had them made into PDF files and put on Evernote. The problem is that the pages are not searchable. I am not finding any of the words that are in the PDF files. What could the problem be?

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You have to have them in a sync'd notebook. They must be sync'd up to EN servers. Allow time for the EN servers to do the indexing. If you're a premium member, your PDFs will have priority over the free users. I don't know the turn around time on this & of course it depends upon how many PDFs are already in the queue (or how many premium members add PDFs, if you have a free account.) After the EN servers have indexed the PDFs, that has to be sync'd down to your desktop.

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I believe in order to search within PDF files, you have to have a Premium account. See comparison chart at


That said, if the PDF has been OCR'ed I believe the OCR'ed text is indexed and is searchable from with Evernote in both a free and premium account.

So itsw not just a matter of timing, you have to have the right kind of account.


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There's no 30-day limit to the Free Evernote subscription ... you can use it for years without losing any functionality.

Whenever you upgrade to a Premium subscription, we will OCR the PDFs in your account.

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Yes, when you upgrade your account, we go back through your old scanned PDFs and process them. This can take a while, but try searching for text in those PDFs tomorrow.

New PDFs take priority over the old ones, so those should be done relatively quickly (e.g. an hour or so)

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