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FEATURE REQUEST: Open a group of notes


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I would really love to be able to define and then open a group of notes all at once. I'm not talking about opening all the notes in a Notebook. 


I may have a Notebook for Client A, for which I'm working on Project 14.

I want to be able to define and save a group for all the notes related to that project, Then, I would like to open all the notes related to project 14 at one time -- from a Notes Group feature on the side navigation menu, or from (File/Open Note Group/List of Saved Note Groups).

When that project is complete for that client, I could delete the saved group(but not the notes).





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Are you using Evernote Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, or Android?

I don't understand why you want all the appropriate notes to open at the same instant. Maybe I am misunderstanding your request.

Why not just use a tag for the appropriate notes.Example: Proj-14

To find all the notes, just search with 

notebook:Client-A tag:Proj-14 

p.s. Because Evernote has a limit of 250 notebooks, I would not recommend using individual notebooks for each of your customers.

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When I just use tags, the search result may bring up more Notes than I'm actually looking for. I might have to comb the search results to find just the notes I need. Creating a tag called "Saved Group 1" would limit the results. But, then I would still need to click to open each note individually. Maybe a feature where you can choose to *Open all in search* ?

For the project you see the group of notes for in my attached image, the notes have a lot of interplay. I want to spread them across my screen and work on them dynamically. 

Think of this like you would for a Save Tab Groups extension in your browser. I save tab groups related to whichever project I'm working on. 


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1 hour ago, kgirl2d said:

For the project you see the group of notes for in my attached image, the notes have a lot of interplay. I want to spread them across my screen and work on them dynamically. 

To spread lots of open notes over the screen sounds like Microsoft OneNote would be a better fit for your needs. This is not possible with Evernote at the current time, but your request will be seen by Evernote for future consideration..

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1 hour ago, kgirl2d said:

It's possible to spread them across the screen. It's just not possible to do that efficiently. That's why it's a feature request. 

I've been using Evernote since 2008 and love it and find ways to make it work. I'm not completely familiar with OneNote, but doesn't it tab the notes across the UI? Beyond that, I try to avoid MS products whenever possible.

I like to work like this: *see attached*



EN clip.png

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You can spread your notes across your screen(s), you just have to open them one at a time at this point.  My trick in a like circumstance has been to create a table of contents note for the group and then Shift - click each link in the TOC.  A workaround is all there is today.

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I would also love to have this feature.  I have about a dozen notes that I use in my daily planning process including my annual and quarterly plans, weekly goals, and task lists.  I wish that I could open them all at once and close them all at once. It would greatly speed up my morning planning process. I can think of a lot of other situations I would use this feature.  As it stands, I end up keeping scores and scores of notes open and that gets messy and also runs into memory issues (on Mac) which means I have to restart Evernote more than I would like ...

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