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Switch from YinXiang back to Evernote International


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I've been an evernote user for years. I used to use evernote international, and switched to Yinxiang because of the GFW. But I've found the sharing feature completely blocked. So I switched back to evernote international. And I came across the two following issues:

1 I've subscribed premium account on Yinxiang for 2016, can it be transferred to Evernote International?

2 When exporting, the notebook related data was lost, any way to maintain it?


Thanks for any help.

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Hi.  As a premium subscriber you can get email or chat tech support - scroll to the bottom of this page to click the 'Contact Support' button.  We're a user forum,  so payment issues are outside our remit.  When you say you 'switched back' to international and exported the notebooks ,  did you create another account?  If so,  quote both the user details for Support (not here - public forum!).  Not sure what the current situation would be with logging into either account - have a look at this thread to see if it still applies... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79491-switch-between-evernote-and-yinxiang-biji-china-????/

Hope that helps...

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We moved to China by after getting her iPhone replaced, by accident my wife signed in up to yinxiang, instead of logging in to her Evernote account.  (This is a big issue and very hard to see you expect to sign in to Evernote but instead you sign up to yinxiang). Then Troubles are starting as you are not able to share yinxiang to Evernote if you share a notebook the link let me sign up to yinxiang. I can't sign in to yinxiang on the app because the accounts have the same email address etc. How do I get the 30+ note's out of yinxiang and how do I get the yinxiang premium redeemed.

This is really horrible I have spend 3 hours to get it exported but downloading the note is not possible from the webapp exporting not possible the notes are important but with 4 to 5 scans to each not, this is a nightmare.

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Hi Gazumped, sadly the point it is is almost impossible for me to contact YinXiang support as it is a different subsidiary and all is only in Chinese. For evernote they just refer to YinXiang for support this issue. The help center is a struggle to get trough I think I'll switch to note's under iOS 10 and Sierra it's a pity as web clipper and scannable are great apps but the hassle to share note's is to big especially with the ridiculous YinXiang mess they have created.

Sad sad sad.

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