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I think the evernote's promotion is way too bad.

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I enjoyed using evernote for 2 years and I've got 6 months for premium experience.

When I've got done with my premium period, evernote offered me to lengthen my premium.

On the Android app, Web, Desktop app - - everywhere I start taking note evernote asked me to upgrade.

Yeah, I can upgrade. maybe. but I think is like overstepping.

I can't even delete my note because the note have bigger than 25MB file, I can't even hide the promotion message when I'm on web.

I felt everything was fine with my evernote experience but this time, I think no.

I'm not afraid to pay for premium but not this freemium that always pushes me to upgrade.

I think I'm done with the service if this continues.




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Hi.  AFAICS if you have a premium subscription you should not be getting these messages.  50% of you monthly upload space would be 5GB.  Have you uploaded that much content in one month?  And if you are premium you already have a 200MB note size and can't increase that.  The system seems to think you have a basic account,.  not a paying one.  I'd suggest that you check in My Account and have a look at your account level to confirm.  If you don't have the account you paid for,  or you do have a premium account and are seeing these messages,  please raise a support ticket - scroll to the bottom of this page to click the 'Contact Support' button.

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