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Vote for User Selected Image for Thumbnail

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Vote for User Selected Image for Thumbnail

As almost all of us know, the method currently used by Evernote to select the image in a note to be used as the thumbnail in the note list is unpredictable, and rarely results in the image the user wants.

If you want a new feature to allow the user to select the image, please go to this thread, started in 2011, and click on the vote up arrow:
REQUEST: Choosing a Thumbnail 

Although this thread was in the Web Beta section, I would want this feature to be implemented in all Evernote apps on all platforms.


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Hi JMichaelTX,

Just added my (9th) vote to this request. 

I has been something I've found annoying for years and have just spend about 20 minutes trying to get the right thumbnail image to display on a note (unsuccessfully) :-(

Having re-read the whole conversation trail since 2011 it is perplexing why Evernote staff will not implement this. It would seem a simple request to just have an option to

  • right-mouse click
  • "Select Image to display as Thumbnail"

I'm sure there are a lot of users out there who find this EV "quirk" annoying and would be happy to see the feature made more user friendly.

Otherwise, it would at least be "customer friendly" for Evernote to explain why this request is so challenging to implement!? The Evernote software already choses an image "at random" to display as a thumbnail, so adding a simple tag or pointer to a user selected image for display as the thumbnail does not seem like a difficult technical request, or one that would add much more size to the note itself. It would seem an obvious Quick Win.



(An Evernote Premium user since 2011)

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