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(Archived) Text search in PDF and pictures

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As beautiful as this feature is in theory, i want to disable it. is there a posibility to do so?

1. Pictures

I store a lot of photos in evernote. no matter what text i am searching for - i always get presented a lot of pictures, where some aera without any writing inside is highlighted - as if the text would have been found there.

2. PDF's

even worse for pdf's - how to disable them from beeing indexed. i have a lot of ebooks in my account. not only is the amount of ebooks shown - no matter what i am searching for - always very high - scrolling trough them seems to be rough on the evernote engine - and does not really go smooth (both pc 3.1 & 3.5 - as well on mac).

Is there a way to genereally say evernote should attach my evernote files as attachments - and not make them readable in the account?

Is there a way to turn all the pdf's i already have included into attachments - rather than displaying them as readable pdf's?

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There's no general way to remove these files from all future searches, although you could add this to an individual search to eliminate any notes that contain images, PDFs, etc.:


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