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(Archived) cannot create note from webclipping?

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hi all,

with firefox, i'm on this webpage.

http://www.gorebikewear.de/remote/Satel ... 722635681O

i click the webclipper bookmark and EN tells me, that "a note cannot be created".

i have some other clippings from this site without any problem (beside the uglyness of the created note...)

what could be the problem with generating a note from this page?



windows, 3.5.2.anywhat (cant remember and can't copy&paste)

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This is usually a problem with HTML in the web page that violates the web standards in some way, and our Windows application doesn't clean it up properly during the clipping. The next release is relaxing our web standard enforcement so that we will be less likely to reject a note after it has been clipped.

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