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I am using evernote more and More.

I was wondering if you have a good tip for paying bills.

At the moment I scan my bills and tag them with "Bills to Pay"

When I do pay them I just delete the tag. I am thinking of Tagging it paid but I was wondering if there was a more visual way?

For example in a paper office I would stamp the bill in Red with the word PAID on it, is there a way to do this in evernote?



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There's no visual way that I can think of -- tags work pretty well, though. I do something similar. I have a tag '@Todo' and a tag '@Completed'' (I use the '@' sign because that makes them float to the top of the tag list). Something needs to be done gets the '@Todo' tag. When it's done, the '@Todo' tag goes away, and form some items the '@Completed' goes on. Pretty simple.


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