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(Archived) button to copy "create" to "updated"-dates

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hi all,

i 'm new to evernote, which means, i'm scanning and moving a lot of paper to this service.

for better reference i give the note the creation-date of when i.e. a letter is dated or arrived.

also, i use this date to the updated-date field, because i sort my notebooks by updated-date.

while typing the date is a "slow" process, because the interface of the win-client is somewhat sluggish and buggy (yes, it is)

id' had the idea to have a button which copies the date between the date-fields (created, updated)

so it would be possible to copy the created-date to the updated. and vice versa, if needed.

for me it makes no sense, if i just update a tag, that the whole note gets a new updated-date, since there is no log next to the note, which tells me: tag added on xx.xx.xxxx xx:xx

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