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(Archived) Fujitsu ScanSnap to Mac 2x files?



Hello Everyone,

I am about to use my ScanSnap S1500M, Macbook Pro and Evernote for my business. When I can directly into ScanSnap I also get a copy of the same file saved to my Mac. It's saved where I place it in the ScanSnap Manager under the Save section "Image Saving Folder".

So this sends the scan into Evernote and also a copy to my Mac. I don't want this right? Why would I need a copy 2 places? Right now I am having it scan into Evernote and my desktop... then I am just trashing the folder. Is there a way to have it not produce to copies?

Thank you very much for any advice,

- Oliver

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Unfortunately, we may not be experts at configuring ScanSnap's software, but you definitely shouldn't need to keep the local file around after it's been imported into Evernote, so if you could find a setting in their software to disable that, it might work.

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Good luck with Fujitsu support. In my experience, their attitude is "we know best."

This may be irrelevant, but for scanning documents to a local store (that I don't want to send to Evernote), I use Paperless from Mariner Software. It has an option to either keep or discard the scanned file after it's been added to the library (you can always regenerate it from the library if you need to).

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This is a requirement of Fujitsu. ScanSnap Manager (SSM) creates the file then simply pastes a copy to the designated program (such as EN) leaving the original file in place.

I too have no need for two copies. So I have SSM do its thing and drop the files it creates into a folder that nothing else goes into (for me it is ~/Pictures/Scanner Temp). I use a little utility called Hazel by Noodlesoft (http://www.noodlesoft.com) to automatically delete any file in that folder that is older than one week old. Hazel isn't a one-trick pony, it does bunches of other things as well, so check it out. No, I don't work for Noodlesoft.

Hope that helps.


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