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(Archived) Can't Print Encrypted Notes



I've got a note that is encrypted.

I decrypted it on the desktop and then tried to print it.

Nothing happens.

I can print normal notes with no problems.

Is there some limitation on printing nots that have been encrypted?

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You should be able to print the note, but the encrypted region will show as the "encryption" graphic/button ... the only way to print the encrypted content would be to decrypt it permanently. (After which you could re-encrypt.)

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Certainly not a stupid restriction to me. I think the safeguard is a positive benefit.

Information is encrypted for a reason. As soon as you go to another note, the information is automatically encrypted again. And if I want to print some sensitive information that is encrypted, I want to have a few hurdles to jump over. I don't want it to be so easy that the information is treated like normal text.

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What you see as "a few hurdles" I see as overly restrictive. I've already decrypted the note. Once that happens, until I move to a new note or switch applications I should have full access to that data.

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