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(Archived) Keep in Sync: Google Reader and Evernote



Although I find the 'Send To' option useful I discover that I'm sending 90% of interesting 'Starred' articles to Evernote. The desktop and iPhone availability of recipes and how-to feeds make Evernote a better home for reference articles.

Is there any functionality that allows me to automatically feed Evernote my 'Starred' articles? I was thinking a watch folder might be a start. Thanks team!

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I think Cliqset might have this ability.

You could check there…I have never used it, but I know they can take social-networking stuff and send it to Evernote.

Perhaps if you follow your starred items (making it public), you can automatically have it sent to Evernote.

Again, I am not sure, but it might be worth a shot.

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I have been doing this for a while by means of entering in my Google Reader Starred Items public feed address at http://www.tabbloid.com, which creates a Newpaper-like PDF version of my RSS feeds on a daily/weekly basis, and I have it configured to email the output to my Evernote email address...

Works like a charm!

See this link to find out how to make your Google Reader Starred Items feed public -


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