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(Archived) Mac 10.4.11 users - Am I Missing something?



I have loved the idea of Evernote, but was confounded by the lack of coverage for pre-10.5 Macs. Evernote Support starts now with 10.5 and I was afraid my older iMac with 10.4.11 could not interact with Evernote from all of the old entries I found that had gone unanswered in the Mac Forums. An aging brain may be part of this confusion I will admit, but today it sort of dawned on me that if I used the Clipping plug-in on this older iMac, I could send it to the "Home in the sky- Evernote" directly and then sync from Homebase-Evernote to my 10.5.6 Mac laptop and iPhone. Is this crazy thinking, or have I just not been able to do an adequate search to find it is an OK method. If this is an OK work-a-round, what will I miss?

Thanks for your patient responses.


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Evernote's Mac client was written using Apple's recommended libraries for building a user interface and storing data on a Mac. Apple chose not to make these libraries available on OS X 10.4, so our software won't run on that older OS.

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Dave, I appreciate the reason 10.4.11 isn't supported, my real question concerns the Clipping feature on my 1 computer that cannot use the Mac Client. Will I mess the other 2 computers and iPhone's ability to access the items I clip directly to the web Evernote. I realize it is a tad awkward, but unless I am messing up the other 3 machines, I was hoping it was at least a work-a-round for the older Mac OS 10.4.11.

Thanks again, Mary

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Yes, you can use our Javascript "bookmarklet" web clipper from Safari/Firefox/Chrome on OS X 10.4 to clip directly into your Evernote account on the web, and then you can access those clipped notes from other computers, or from your iPhone.

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