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BUG: Penultimate crashes when entering note and exiting without changing pages

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Penultimate version 6.2.0 on iPad Pro.

I click a note containing 3 or more pages to view it. Without doing anything else while inside the single note view (e.g. slightly dragging a page, clicking a page to edit it, turning iPad to change orientation), if I then click the arrow to go back to the notes view the app immediately crashes after returning to the notes view.

It only happens when a note contains 3 or more pages. It doesn't seem to depend on timing, as it happens whether I click into the note and immediately click out, or if I waiting several minutes before clicking out. It also doesn't depend on if the note is shared with other users, as it crashes on 3-page notes that are shared and ones that are not shared, as well as ones in notebooks that are shared and not shared.

It isn't a huge issue, as no data is lost since it only happens if I haven't done anything inside the note when I click out. Just a small annoyance.

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