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Create new note using pdf rather than photo



I apologize if this has already been addressed.  I would like to create new notes by using the camera function which would automatically save the "photo" as a pdf image.  Is this possible?  I create many new notes which I ultimately find myself having to print to a pdf printer and bring the pdf back into evernote.  It seems it would be very convenient if this functionality was already available.  Again, I apologize if this has already been addressed but I did not see any references when searching the forum.  Thanks in advance for any comments.

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When I create a note in Evernote with my IPad, and click on the camera button
I end up with separate images in one note. I think this is the document feature.  its not a concern to me, but EN does offer a convert note to PDF feature.

 My scanner is also set up to save as pdf.

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I use Evernote's companion app called Scannable to scan anything into Evernote that I don't actually use a scanner for (you can also control your scanner with the app). It is available in the App Store. It allows you to change from image to PDF or vice versa. By default, if memory serves, single-page documents are set to save as an image and multiple-page documents are set to save as a PDF, but you can change this as part of the scan/save process. 

There are other also features available that are not available when using the document scan built-in function.

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