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End of note page on iPad Pro

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I just got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and I'm trying to find the ideal app for taking notes in meetings. Evernote has been my repository for everything for years, so I was hoping that I could just take notes right in Evernote.


I can write very well in Evernote with the Pencil, but once I save a note, it seems like I can't go back and edit it. I can go back into handwriting mode in the same note, and append content, but it doesn't bring the existing content back to the screen so I can edit it. Penultimate seems to behave the same way. This really limits the utility of the apps for me. I want to replace my use of paper notebooks now that I have a stylus that works so well. I can edit existing notes in other apps, like GoodNotes, but that doesn't integrate with Evernote.


Am I missing something?





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Hey Peter,


Try tapping on the handwritten content *within* the note, rather than tapping the Pen icon at the top of the note. You should see it expand so you can continue making edits using the handwriting tool. 


I hope that helps!

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Thank you. That's working. Something about the workflow feels unnatural. Handwriting will be my primary mode of entry now that I have the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I'm hoping for a better UX in a later version of Evernote... Seamless handwriting support on the page (no need for a special mode), lined paper, ability to search my handwriting... Start by playing with the GoodNotes app. It's doing what I want.

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I'm using EN on an iPad Air.  My understanding is that there is no "page" concept in the notes.  That's more of a word processing feature.

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No specific instructions that I know of to extend the displayed writing area - also no limit, other than the total size of the note.  What happens if you keep writing at the 'end' of a page?  If you tap on or outside the last margin?  Have you had a specific problem?  If so,  more details please...

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21 hours ago, Michael Hensien said:

Do either of you know how to continue on a page once its full using the Apple pencil or even "turn" yet page to continue note taking?

There isn't a way to move or turn the page when handwriting, however if you tap Done in the upper lefthand corner and then tap the Handwriting icon to start a new page, this will appear directly underneath the previous handwritten note and will look continuous when viewing the note. I've attached a few screenshots showing two separate handwritten notes I took, and how they look when viewing them within the note together. 



Handwritten Note 1.jpg

Handwritten Note 2.jpg

Continuous Handwritten Note.jpg

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Bump it up on the iPad pro and apple pen-Using EN has been frustrating as all get out. Here is what I do;

1-I collect it all in EN

If I have to edit it or write I send it over to Notability which has an incredibly flexible writing canvas! Its what I would want to see in EN-when I try to edit in EN with my Pen it is unusable due to its slow response 

2-Once that is finished I either archive it on my desk top or send it over to EN if there is a short term need for it.

3-I find skitch useless

4-for writing from scratch i use penultimate which is pretty sweet! I wish that access was available to put my notes directly into EN rather than via a folder in EN then to transfer.


I can't wait for EN to find a better way to include apps that we use directly within EN. 


If I am missing something or am off base please let me know. Im open to any suggestions.



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52 minutes ago, u352 said:

Notability which has an incredibly flexible writing canvas

That would be my choice too for detailed work.  It's not a criticism of Evernote; it's just using the right tool for the job.  
I also use word processing apps, spreadsheet apps, calendar apps, drawing apps.  
I always try to store the files in Evernote; when finished I export to a pdf.


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Will en allow you to view a PDF when you open the note or does it always make you 2x click to open the embedded PDF? Have you ever seen how Microsoft one note handles PDFs nit allows you to instantly start editing it without opening up which makes it incredibly useful. 



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8 minutes ago, u352 said:

Will en allow you to view a PDF when you open the note or does it always make you 2x click to open the embedded PDF?

It seems to be an Evernote/IOS limitation.
You have a choice of inline or attachment on the Mac platform.

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Hey dt,


im finding my ipadpro to be my choice lately for my work style. It seems to be able to move documents around much easier than my Mac but there are some wacky things that make me frustrated. Maybe you can help me with this one;

rotating pdf's in iOS en? Can't seem to do it so I have to walk over to my Mac and do the rotation. Whacky or am I missing it?

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24 minutes ago, u352 said:

rotating pdf's in iOS en?

Again, seems to be an Evernote/IOS limitation.
Like you, I go to my Mac for this and many other features.
I accept that because of the nature of the IOS platform.

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