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Chrome Can web clipper be used to tag notes in a shared notebook?

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Recently started using Evernote at work with a few team members, and one issue we've seemed to run into quickly is that when saving materials to our shared notebook using web clipper, they cannot add tags. When they attempt to do so, it says "tags not supported." They can use web clipper to tag things in their own notebooks, but not our shared notebook, of which I am the owner. Once they save the material, they can go into Evernote and then tag it, but that's kind of a hassle, and it would be great to be able to tag it straight from the web clipper.

Are you supposed to be able to do this, or is this feature only available with certain paid accounts (or not at all)? If there's already a thread dealing with this topic, feel free to direct me there.


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Hi.  One of the joys of shared notebooks is that the original owner of the notebook is the only person able to add new tags.  If you need to set up new ones,  you might want to set up a new note where users suggest them....

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Hi gazumped, thanks for the answer. Perhaps I should have been more clear - my coworkers are unable to tag materials even with existing tags while using the evernote web clipper. When they use the clipper to save something to our shared notebook, they cannot tag it with anything at all, even a tag that already exists in the notebook. They can do so by going into evernote and tagging the item from there, but why can't they do it directly from the web clipper?

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In the clipper extension's drop-down box, where it would normally have a clickable box that says "add a tag", it instead says "tags not supported". It seems to be related to this specific notebook, which I own, and have shared with them. Based on the fact that they can do this through the Evernote program without any problem, it makes me think it's a specific issue related to the web clipper.

Appreciate your assistance.

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I am having the same problem - "Tags not supported" when trying to tag to a shared Notebook using Web clipper

OS: Win7 64bit

Web clipper

Internet Explorer 11 & Chrome ver. 48 <- same problem in both browsers


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Until/IF Evernote updates their Web Clipper to support assigning tags to shared NBs, here is a workaround:

  1. Create a tag (in your account) named for each shared NB that you have joined
    (I'd use something like SNB.<SharedNBName>, but keep it short with no spaces)
    For example:  SNB.CompanyProcedures
  2. When using the Web clipper, clip to your "Inbox", and assign one of the tags from #1
  3. From your Evernote desktop (Win/Mac), filter on one of these tags from #1, and select all, and move to the shared NB.
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