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Add ability to resize an image thumbnail

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Image thumbnails are so cool but they show as big as they are and most of times that is very unusable - they take a lot of space and make you do a lot of scrolling when browsing your notes contents. Why showing them sooooo big? If I want to see it at its full size I can double click it! Please allow users to drag an image from its corner and resize it. Thumbnail should then be resized, but original image should be kept as is, so if you open the image or save it you will get your original image.




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On 4/1/2016 at 0:57 AM, gazumped said:

Please don't keep on posting the same question in slightly different terms.. 

@gasumped, do you work for Evernote? I am not sure if Operative means that, I suppose yes. Evernote is software and software development is guided by software development tasks: features, bugs, etc. My two requests have really nothing to to one with the other. They share the same type (usability improvement) and the same subsystem (image embedding), but that doesn't make the issues be the same. With all my respects, I am surprised of your response.

On 4/1/2016 at 0:57 AM, gazumped said:

The installed Windows client now includes the ability to resize embedded pictures.  At least the beta does...

I'd love it, but three months later the stable version stills not have it.

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16 hours ago, csihilling said:

The 5.9 public version enables resizing images, drag the bottom right corner.

WTF so I should have had this feature available and never seen the small circle at the bottom. I was expecting the mouse to show the arrow icons when put in the border of the image as software use to do. Thank you!

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