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Evernote on Windows desktop counts the notes differently from Evernote on iPhone

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Evernote on Windows desktop counts more notes than Evernote on iPhone.

Evernote on Desktop counts Notes (9949).

Evernote on iPhone counts Notes (9819).

The iPhone counts 130 less notes.

What could be the reason?
Shared notebooks?
Online only notebooks?
How is the count calculated?

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Assuming no local notebooks, the 'true' count is the one on the Evernote servers accessed via the web.  If you need to do a reload or get a new device, this is where your data will come from.

You made me check.  I'm short one note on my iPad.  This is going to drive me crazy.

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I had an instance in the past where the note counts were different and I had two notes on my PC that had not synced to the servers.  Obvious enough in that the note counts were higher on the PC, but a real PITA to find and fix.

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To clarify, the desktop application counts all shared notes towards the total note count. Mobile and web do not. So if you have 20 shared notes (notes that are shared to you) as part of 250 total notes, then you will see 250 on desktop and 230 on web/mobile.

19 hours ago, DTLow said:

You made me check.  I'm short one note on my iPad.  This is going to drive me crazy.

^In this case, try creating a new note and then deleting it - this will help 're-align' note counts on iOS, assuming that there are no un-synced/shared notes.

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I just checked just for fun.  I have 2 more notes on IOS and my PC than I do on web.  The counts by notebook are the same on PC and IOS.  My Inbox notebook on my PC shows 3 notes, the web shows 7 (so easy to examine those four), but two large notebooks are off by +5 and -1, netting to the 2 

So Inbox on the web shows 7 notes in the list and 7 notes in parentheses, but when you open four of them they show a notebook other than Inbox.  So I changed the notebook to INBOX on the web, synced on the PC, changed them back to the right notebooks on the PC, synced again, and now INBOX matches at three across the board..

After that one notebook on my PC has two more notes than what shows on the web.  PITA to find in an 8500 note notebook.

Needless to say not something that should be happening.

EDIT:  So I added a temp tag Sync.Fix to all notes since 10/1/15 and synced (picked 10/1 last year since I thought it might be a recent issue).  It took a while to sync, but in the end the yyyyy in the 1-x of yyyyy message in the bottom right corner of the web client (Classic) matches the PC count.  The count in parentheses on the web is still off by one, one less than the yyyyy.  But I think this bug has been around since forever.  Another something that shouldn't be happening.

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I checked my notes, one on my Windows desktop PC and then I check my Windows laptop and Evernote is recording widely different counts on both. I don't have any local notes/notebooks at all so not sure why I'm seeing this. The reminders are even different on both my PC and laptop. On my desktop version, Evernote says I have 2528 notes while on my laptop, Evernote records 1930. Both versions have been synced. Even the reminder count on both record a 77 difference in the counts. Why?!!! I was actually going to use Evernote full time but now I'm wondering if I should at all. In both cases, I have all notebooks selected and none are offline. This bothers me.


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I just realized too that I'm missing notes in Evernote between my desktop and laptop. For example, I have one notebook with only 4 notes and noticed that on the laptop, Evernote reads I only have 3. I tried doing a search for that one note that was missing on my laptop and Evernote didn't come up with anything. It was missing altogether and still is even though Evernote is fully synced on both Windows computers with no offline notebooks. This, to me, makes Evernote unreliable.

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