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(Archived) drag-and-drop tags: still doesn't work right



I reviewed an old thread about this.

When I drag a tag onto the "not tagged" area of the note's header, the cursor turns into a big red starburst with the number 1 inside. The tag will not drop anywhere on the tag area or on the note or the header. That red icon will snap back to the tag area and disappear when the mouse is released.

I was able to capture a screenshot as I held the left mouse button down.

If I type in the tag field, the tag will autocomplete or offer drop-down suggestions. Is this expected behavior? Any way to drag-and-drop a tag?

Evernote 1.6.1 on a Mac Pro Snow Leopard 10.6.2


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Thanks for the report, this is a bug.

You can drag the tag and drop it on the note in the list (or the thumbnail in the thumbnail view), but not on the note header. This will be fixed in a future release.

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