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Adjusting font sizes in iOS app



I'm a premium user and was trying to see how productive I could be on my iPad and immediately ran into the  problem where I could not adjust font sizes via the iOS app. I was editing a note with some large font sizes, originally created on my Mac, which I hoped to use for a presentation in class.

New lines added immediately following the large font sizes were getting added in a large font, but if a font size got lost, or if lines were added elsewhere, they were getting added in a smaller font, and there was no way to adjust the font sizes!

So it seems impossible to use Evernote in iOS for creating a presentation. It has to still be cleaned up on a computer afterwards.

Anyway, my suggestion is to please add font sizes to the iOS app. In the meanwhile, Evernote is on my list for the class of "limitations of using an iPad vs a computer."

Thank you.

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As you found out there are a whole list of limitations when using Evernote on an IPad.  Have you tried tables, or merging notes.

When I'm doing detail work, I usually use a more dedicated app.  Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Calendar etc.  I always store the final product in Evernote; it's my digital filing cabinet.  This applies to both the desktop and iPad.  This is not a critism of Evernote; I believe its core and strength is organization and filing.

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I have tried tables before, but they seemed hard to use. I haven't tried merging notes.

Yes, Evernote's main strength is as a digital filing cabinet. It's not fantastic all the time with searching for notes though - but I'll post about those problems elsewhere.

It just seemed that since Evernote has this presentation mode it might be useful for this. I've been doing weekly volunteer teaching, and keeping my notes in Evernote. But presentation mode itself wrecks the font sizes (by design, according to Evernote support!) and the iPad editing limitations seem great.

Maybe I'll just try iPad PowerPoint for presentations and see if that is better suited for iPad presentation creation.

Anyway, I hope Evernote does add font sizes to the iOS app. It has some other font adjustment features, like bold, italic, etc. So it seems like a natural extra addition.


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