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I have three concerns that I cannot figure out:

  1. On my Android, all my Notebooks do not show up.  As a matter of fact I don't even have access to some of my notebooks even if I search for them
  2. On my Mac, I can create a new note, but do this I have to go to File.  I do not have an icon that allows me to directly click on and create a note
  3. One my Mac, I cannot find how to search for items in Evernote.

Thank you.


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I can speak on the Mac side.  It would be nice if the forum let me upload so I could show you a screenshot of what I see.

On the top bar of the EN window, I see left/right arrows. the sync icon, a bell?, and the button for creating new notes labeled ! New Note in ....

Next to the new note button, I have a search box.

Note: If you right click on the tool bar. you have the option of customizing.  Perhaps you deleted these items.  It will allow you to restore the icons.

As to the missing notebooks; Any chance they are local notebooks?


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Thanks David_Low!

I found the problem with the search box and new note icon!  This has been driving me nuts for months.  All I had to do was select "Show Toolbar" from the View menu.  So simple! Thanks so much for helping me!

As for the Android app, let me explain a little more of what I do see:

  • When I open the app, I have an option to tap on "All Notes" in the top left corner.
  • This pulls up 6 main categories
  1. Work Chat
  2. All Notes (highlighted green)
  3. Notebooks
  4. Tags
  5. Shortcuts (underneath there are sub categories that I have set up)
  6. Explore Evernote
  7. Settings

The problem that I am having is in my Shortcuts on my Mac, I have 9 shortcuts, but on my Android, I only have 8 shortcuts.  The one shortcut that I am missing on my Android should be there.  I am not sure why it is not and what to do about it.  

Can you please help?

Thank you!


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Hi gazumped and csihilling,

Thank you for asking for clarification.  I am missing a whole notebook with 195 notes.  This notebook appears on my macbook but does not appear on my android.  Does that help clarify?


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On your Mac, when you create a notebook, by default the notebook is synchronized to the cloud and all the devices you have running Evernote.  However, you have the option of saying no, I want this notebook to stay local on my Mac and not be syncronized anywhere.

Its described here https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005107-What-is-a-local-notebook-

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Thanks, DTLow,

As what a Local Notebook is described as, that is exactly to experience that I am having.  I, however, did not ever intentionally set this notebook up as local.  Maybe it happened by mistake?  When I read the description that you included, it says that these local notebooks cannot be reversed.  How do I check to see if the notebook was set up as local?  If it is in fact a local notebook, is the only that I have to make a new notebook and copy and past 195 notes into the new notebook.  That would take a lot of time, is there any other option?  



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1 hour ago, ever123 said:

How do I check to see if the notebook was set up as local?

That leads to a another fun discussion.  On your Mac, display your notebooks in edit mode.  Unfortunately, local notebooks aren't identified.  However, if you hover your mouse pointer over a notebook, a little window is displayed with a sync indicator and gear box.  Nothing is displayed for local notebooks.

As to creating a new notebook and moving 195 notes, I can't see it taking more that a minute.  I would use the bulk feature.  Select all the notes and a bulk window will open, given options like tags and Move To New Notebook

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