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Spam Email with personal info

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I reinstalled Evernote on my Macbook a few days ago and my iPhone last night.  Today I got an email, which evaded Spam filters.  It was from rebeccafredona+a28cd63eb0e010fa2502@zoho.com.  

When I clicked on the email to copy it, the reply was to No-reply@evernote.com.


What concerns me about this is that it had my name, the name of a website I have previously used, and told me that they had improved the site, gave me links use so they could get my personal information.   

I marked it as Spam but this concerns me.  Evernote has had people do this but the emails usually have some short warning.  How did this get then name of a site I have been to? I'm very concerned about security.  I changed passwords to start but doubt that's it.  

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Hi.  Zoho.com is an office suite of utilities and no-reply@evernote.com is a generic address - both valid and in general use,  but not confidential or unique.  Your name,  if it goes out on emails,  or you've signed into websites with accurate personal details,  is also a matter of public record.  The website you're being sent details about is one you say you have actually used - why would you assume that Evernote has anything to do with this? 

They wouldn't advise you about updates to a website you visited.  The email (AFAIK) is pure spam and should be deleted.  Your passwords are almost certainly secure,  but it never hurts to change them,  and you should do it at regular intervals anyway..

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The website, which they spelled wrong is a place I shop from occasionally.   The websites in that email, which I have not gone to, are obviously meant to get information from me.


What I find interesting is I have never heard of Zoho before, never got a spam from them and yet hours after I instal the Evernote app on my phone I have something from them, which bypassed my Spam filters because it shows and Evernote email address as the one used, despite that long Zoho email.   

rebeccafredona+a28cd63eb0e010fa2502@zoho.com <no-reply@evernote.com


This is the reason I say Evernote is involved (not actively).  

When I went to Evernote on my Mac this morning it made me log in again,  a message from Evernote, but nothing was on my phone..


I have marked the email SPAM, that still doesn't answer my question.  This email somehow managed to get an Evernote email address to appear with  the Evernote Logo.   This is not like spams Evernote talks about in their FAQ

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It's (sadly) really easy to 'spoof' an email address so that the message seems to come from a trusted source,  in hopes the recipient will click on the content.  I keep on getting emails apparently from various banks - most of which I've never used - telling me my account has been closed / locked / subject to suspicious activity,  and would I please click the link to confirm my identity.  Evernote is a popular product,  so it gets used - so much so that they have a help topic about it..  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314538

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