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(Archived) Searching for dates within images




I have notebook scans which are jpegs inside of Evernote. I usually have a date like "2/15" or "1/7/2010" in various places. I can't figure out how to search for these strings however.

If I try to search for "2/10", I get something like:

containing words "2 10", stripping out the /.

Any way I can do this search?

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When you search, we match the words in your search without requiring that the capitalization, punctuation, and spacing matches exactly. This means that you can't search for something specifically with punctuation, but if you can search for the individual numbers.

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Hrm. Maybe my problem is that your jpeg OCR is very good at words, but doesn't seem to work well for numbers?

I have something like 8/17 , but Evernote can't actually find an 8 or a 17 in the image.

I can find words great. Just horrible luck matching ANY numbers.

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If these are digits added to the photo by your camera, then it may also be an issue of color and contrast ... e.g. it will have a harder time with boxy machine-shaped orange letters on a colorful background than it would with normal black printing on a white paper.

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