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James Welbes


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When requesting specific information, it is helpful to mention the platform you are using

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web

In Evernote Windows desktop, to print: >File >Print

There are several print options available (lower left portion of pop up)

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In Android, with most apps, you'll need to share to a printing app. 

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15 hours ago, James Welbes said:

So am I just missing something, or is evernote a note taking app that doesn't allow you to print???

I use Evernote on a Mac and IPad.  I can print on both platforms.

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Recently switched from ios to Android. There seems to be no easy way of printing a note from Evernote in Android via a network printer. 

Yes! One can share it to google drive and then print it from there but that isn't a long term solution. 

Anyone with a better solution?

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