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BUG: Note does note show up for several minutes after adding to tag

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BUG: When adding an existing note to a tag and then clicking the tag, the note does not show up for about 5-10 minutes (incredibly inconvenient).

Note: this also happens sometimes when moving a note from one notebook to another. This behaviour does not appear to be related to the web sync.

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Hi Neil,

Would you mind elaborating a bit on this? Is the issue that when you add a tag to a note, the tag list is not updated with the new note count until 5-10 minutes later? If so, I'm not able to reproduce this. Can you provide your OS X and Evernote version numbers? Thanks in advance. 

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Hi annah,

It appears to be an intermittent issue (it is updating instantly at the moment). The problem was that the notes would not show up when clicking on the tag (even though the notes had just been added to the tag). I will try to find the specific scenario that caused the problem and add more details. 

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