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Screenshots into current note?


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I am constantly capturing screen images, web pages, etc, but they always get sent to a "new note". This is extremely annoying. I am sure I am not doing this the best way, but I am working on a note and would like to alt tab, take a screenshot, and have it pasteable where I was working, or just go straight in at the bottom (or where the cursor is/was). 


Right now, I take a screen shot (hotkeyed), then it throws open a new window, I have to cut the image from this new note, close that window, find my current notes I am working on, find my position, and paste the image there. Then, I have to go and delete the empty "new note" that the screenshot got sent to. This is a disaster for such a refined product, so surely I am doing something horribly wrong. Please enlighten me and many others who I am sure are wordlessly suffering from this inconvenience! Thanks. 


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You can copy to clipboard if you hold the CTRL key as you click to make your selection.  Then go to where you want in the note and paste.  No new note created.

Also, if you are using the desktop software, go to Tools - Options - Clipping and uncheck Open clipped note in a new window to prevent that from occurring.

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I thought about a similar solution. When working on a note (on the tablet) and I need to find something eg. the file on Dropbox, website. Most applications have a function share with (send to), including Evernote. Then I create a new note, then combine it with the earlier I've worked (only on the desktop version because on at Andro id does not allow select multiple notes - or something I do not know?). When I have created an internal link, this is changing and does not work in other notes, I need to update.

Dream solution would be such that when you click on the function of share with any application on the tablet opened up Evernote and asked whether to create a new note or connect to paste a different note (or. settings in the options).

Perhaps when the tablet with the ability to open multiple windows applications, such a solution becomes superfluous, but on smartphones ...

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On December 21, 2015 at 7:23 AM, czglory said:

I am constantly capturing screen images, web pages, etc, but they always get sent to a "new note".

I'm using a Mac with two monitors.
Two processes I use are:

  1. Using Evernote helper for screen capture.  If you don't click Save, the images just accumulate and you can drag them to a note.
  2. Right-Clicking in a note gives me a Capture from Screen option
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