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How to disable auto-indenting when '1.' is typed?

Dean Seo

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I've noticed that since a few version updates installed, everytime I type '[number]. + space bar' EN automatically thinks it as list, and insert some indentation.


I know that this feature is provided by many editors, such as MS Word.


However the thing is EN (at least on Windows) was not like this, and I've been used to being nicely okay with it for so long.

"1." was just "1.",  not "    1." 



So I'd like to disable that feature and make a indented list only when I specifically want a indented list.

How can I do that?



Thanks in advance.

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I agree; would like to be able to control numbered lists.  I don't like 1. followed by a space to automatically create a numbered list (or 2. space, etc.).  This was not a problem previously.  I would just like to be able to keep simple text input that I have control over.  Please address in a new release and return to previous simpler functionality or at least provide an option to control auto numbering.


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So I now have to type Ctrl + Z to cancel a automatic numbered list.

Apparently this is the only way to escape this numbered list hell.


However then there is another issue following.

When you type Ctrl + Z to cancel the numbered list, write some, and you want to 'select' the line by shift + end, the selection gets cancelled.

For example,


"1. " + (Ctrl + Z) + "Write something" + (Sfhit + End) =====> The selection is cancelled! So I have to do it one more time.

(This does not seem to happen when the written text is English, but my mother tongue, which is Korean, it always occurs.)



Evernote needs to stop being obsessed to add new features.

It's time to go back to basics.


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Agreed again; I don't want formatted numbers list just because I type a number followed by period and space.  Turn it off please.  I need my notes to be plain and simple text.  When I paste lists with formats (such as auto numbering) into other applications it causes major problems.  Please fix it, restore it back to previous behavior (where I could type whatever I want without it starting a keyboard shortcut list, etc.) or at least let me choose as an option. 

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10 hours ago, sdstoutenb said:

Agreed again;

I think you will find it helpful to read the other posts:

On 12/21/2015 at 10:40 PM, JMichaelTX said:

This issue have been recognized by Evernote, and has been fixed in EN Mac 6.3 Update, so I would expect you might see the same fix in EN Win soon.  You might want to post in the latest EN Win release thread, which I believe is EN Win 5.9.5 Update


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40 minutes ago, Hate EN 6 said:

This isn't a "solution",

On my Mac, I disabled this feature5ac8d6e74b0bc_ScreenShot2018-04-07at07_30_12.png.23d82c6f0627b4c994ad9ad7ca8eeb2f.png in Evernote > Preferences

Some users like this feature but I prefer to control my list formatting

you can’t please all of the people all of the time

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Thanks for pointing out; in Windows version can disable in Tools / Options / Note by unchecking the Start numbered list option.

Not sure when this was provided; I am on latest version 6.11.2.  Thanks to EN for giving me the option.5ac8e6ffcef17_ENOptionsCapture.PNG.93e28fa0afe36c503ed1fdaa86fb608c.PNG

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