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How can I increase the default font for my IPad

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I had the same thought.  Mine is set to maximum, but adjusting seems to have no effect.  I don't think this can be done on the iPad.  The only solution ..... I'm trying to upload a picture of a magnifying glass.

How serious is this problem for you? My 60+ year eyes aren't that great, but I'm coping.  Can you post a screenshot of what your iPad is displaying?

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Changing the font in the Ipadsettings is not a good solution because that is global.  Fonts other than Evernote are fine or adjustable (I.e. Kindle) - Evernote is really tiny - yes I am 47 and Really small font is something I don't want.


I find it amusing that in this screen editor for the forum you can change font size with a touch of a button but you cannot in Evernote.


It seems there isn't a solution - this is a feature that the program needs.


edit:  I just tried changing global font Sid in "display and brightness" and it doesn't change Evernote.



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