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[FEATURE REQUEST] Note filing/tagging helper

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I do a lot of filing into Evernote each month of the same types of documents. A great feature would be to have Evernote recommend a notebook and perhaps tags for the note on import. 

Say I file a bill every month from the same vendor with the title "October invoice from acme company" (whether it's take from the file name or user input). Evernote should be able to recognize from the meta data (I understand the document isn't yet fully parsed because it hasn't been fully imported yet) that I've imported documents similar to this before (doc type, title, file size, etc). It could then offer to file the note in my 'Bills' notebook with a tag like 'toPay'. 

This would make bulk importing files faster and simpler. I do rely on notebooks and tags to find the material later, but I sometimes forget to file/tag them properly in the first place.


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I use a Mac to do my filing.

Because we don't have an auto-import folder, I have to use a script to import my files into Evernote.

This allows me to customize the import script to assign tags based on the file name and other parameters.

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There are a couple of options that might help -

Windows Desktop supports multiple 'import folders' - files moved there get moved to a specific Evernote notebook with the name as the note title.  It's possible to use a file management app like Belvedere to watch a single folder and move files to different destinations based on their name.  I use a single note in Evernote as a 'standard title' dictionary so that all notes about specific subjects have exactly the same title - apart from any date / keyword changes I need to make.

So I scan all documents to a single folder.  My scanner will ask me to confirm the filename.  I copy,  paste and update the name with boilerplate from my dictionary note and save the file.  If it needs moving to a specific note or notebook I'll OCR that file individually and move it.  The rest I batch OCR at the end of a session and move them (by way of a single import folder) into my main default notebook which has 95% of all my notes.  (an "intitle:<searchterm>" search gets me most of what I need).

What you could do however is to move all those files into another folder watched by Belvedere,  which would then automatically sort them into the correct import folder to move into specific notebooks.

OR (provided you have a subscription account) you could look into adding notes by email,  where it's possible to specify notebook / tag / reminder details.  IFTTT might help with automation there...

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On December 21, 2015 at 8:35 PM, JMichaelTX said:

I also should have given credit to Veritrope  Its a good resource.

The script I use originated from two of their scripts. the import folder script and parcing CSV files (used for downloaded bank transactions)


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