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Changing documents between Stacks, Notebooks and Notes

Ryq G

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Just from a brief review, it seems that everyone has the same questions, and they often raise them as they explore.  I would imagine that this who answer can get impatient as the same questions pop up daily.  Thanks in advance for your patience.
I’ve been using Evernote for about 2-3 weeks.  I’ve got a Macbook Pro and an iPhone 5.
My initial model was to use a traditional unlimited hierarchy.  I was initially concerned about 3 levels, but then questioned my mental model.  Most all the stacks of papers on and around my desk (timberrrr) end up in two file drawers.  Well, I could replicate that with two stacks.   And it’s probably easier to find what I’m looking for online with a search.  In my file cabinet, my auto insurance might be in an insurance folder, or a car folder….and was it filed under C for car insurance or I for Insurance-car?  I can live with three layers.  I may have to use search more than browse.
Even in my first few weeks, I've reorganized.  I expect I'll do more.  Moving within a level is easy.  But what about changing the document type from one level to another?  Can I change a note to a notebook, and (I won't list the other five permutations).  If not, how have others handled this?  I know I can create a new empty document, copy the information than delete the original, but the extra steps seem unnecessary.
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Not exactly sure what you are asking since notes are notes only, and notes are put into Notebooks, so a note can't become a notebook. 

If it is relative to your insurance example, some folks rely more on tags or keywords and only have a few notebooks.  For example you can have tags named Car and Insurance.  Add both of these tags to any notes relating to your auto insurance.  Then a search tag:Car tag:Insurance will return all notes relative to auto insurance.  It is a different way to view things.

EDIT:  One thing I should have added initially is the purpose of the separate insurance tag.  If I have other forms of insurnace, house for example, I create a House tag too add those notes.  Then I can find insurance by type with a dual tag search or all insurance by doing a tag:Insurance search.

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5 hours ago, Ryq G said:

My initial model was to use a traditional unlimited hierarchy. 

On my Mac, I can arrange a hierarchy of tags. For example, !Car and under that !Car Insurance

However, my approach is that I would flag a car insurance note with completely independent tags, !Car !Insurance ?<company> Likewise my boat insurance note would be flagged with !Boat !Insurance ?<company>

I can access these notes by Car/Boat or by Insurance or by Company Name

5 hours ago, Ryq G said:

changing the document type from one level to another?  Can I change a note to a notebook

No, Notebooks are containers for notes.  I can't see any need to change a note into a notebook.

I would avoid notebooks while you're starting out.  They have some function, like Sharing or Local, however tagging is your tool for organization. 

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