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Incomplete Simplified Article Clips


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I have been struggling to use the web clipper effectively, since it seems to prevent the user from selecting the region they want to clip when using the Simplified Article mode (or really anything other than selection). For example, I am trying to clip this web forum page, but I run into issues with each approach. I've attached screenshots of the types of clips below.

The full article basically does a full page capture, but as you can see in the screenshot ("full.JPG"), it, as expected, captures all the background colors and formatting. To remove this, I attempted using the simplified article view. As you can see in "simplified_top.JPG," it does simplify correctly, but in the "simplified_bottom.JPG" image, you can see that the article stops at the end of the first forum post. Not only is there no way to tell the Web Clipper to collect more than just that, I can't seem to find a way to capture the remaining data as a simplified article and append it by merging notes.

I am wondering how I can go about capturing everything in simplified form (so I can delete the remainder later), or force it to capture a selected region, but with the simplified formatting.





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