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(Archived) Edits on Mac not updating on iPhone



I maintain a shopping list as a note. Sometime after I return from shopping or when I need to add items I do it on the Mac, save it, and initiate synchronization.

It works OK at first but then when I access the note on the iPhone I very briefly see what appears to be the Mac version but it reverts to the last version. This happens too quickly to read.

I struggled with this a couple of weeks ago then copied the text, deleted the note, created a new note, and pasted the text.

I didn't think that this is how the synchronization is supposed to work, am I wrong? What's causing this?


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That should work correctly. If you try to edit the note on the iPhone, do you see the latest version, or the old version?

Is this note in a Synchronized notebook (from under the Sync tag on the iPhone), or is it in a notebook that you haven't marked for synchronization on the phone?


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I'll add my experience to this thread.

Same problem except i'm synchronizing from Mac to iPod touch.

On my touch, the version edited on the Mac will briefly flash, but the older version of the list will display. I've remedied the problem by making a new note, but that's not, of course, the solution.

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Do you see this problem for notes that are:

(1) marked as "Favorites"

(2) stored in an "Off-line notebook" on your iPhone

or (3) neither of these?

I'm trying to figure out if these are notes that are "synchronized" to your device explicitly, or whether they are non-synchronized notes that just happen to be cached (incorrectly).


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