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Best Digitial Capture Tool I've Found


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Hello All,

For those of us that follow all or some of the GTD principles, or are just working to always capture ideas and get them out of our heads ASAP, I've come across a tool that has become my one and only digital capture tool at this point.  Its an app called Braintoss.  Right now its only available for iOS, but an Android one is coming soon.

The premise is pretty simple.  Launch the app and choose to capture as either voice, text, or image.  Whatever you captured then gets sent off to the email address of your choice.  You set one email address as your default, but can add more and select them with a long press when its time to send off what you've captured.  If you capture with voice, you get transcribed text as well as an audio attachment of what you said.  It works marvelously with Evernote.  Just use the Evernote email address for your account, and your captured item shows up in your default notebook.

Also works with Ominfocus if you are an Omnifocus person.

You can find them on twitter here:  @braintoss

Check it out if you are in to this kind of thing.

Just FYI, while I have had the opportunity to speak with the creator of the app, I'm not an employee or anything.  I'm not getting paid anything to talk about it.  I just really like the app.

Thanks All,


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