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General Query about Premium and Business Services

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I am not sure if anyone can help, Ive been trying ways to contact the Business Department via email or anyone to ask about this.


- I currently have the basic account with Evernote: Its GREAT!

- My employer has the Premium account, we used to pay BDS for document sharing but have cancelled that account because of bad product and service

- using this program I find we can achieve more

- there are currently 3 people in need to share files/documents/notes, ect... the main user is already a premium account holder- she is thinking of getting the business account.

- My question is: if my employer upgrades to the Business Account- does she pay extra for me and another user?

- I already have notebooks and notes on my basic account but have given my login details to the 3rd user so he can access my work- by upgrading will I loose my data?

- In the site is says "collaborate in a single work space" - does this mean in the business account, any secondary or tertiary user will be able to see what the main user is doing or has done?

- is there better customer support for business accounts rather than search for topics in the forum?

- how many "users" can piggy back off of the main business account?


Thank you for your time




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Hi.  Think of a Business account like Premium with added extras.  A business account is 'owned' by the business,  with one or more admins looking after it.  They,  and everyone else who needs it can have 1) access to one or more central business notebooks,  and 2) -If the business needs them to- a personal Premium account of their own to keep personal stuff separate from 'published' group documents.  The business pays for everything.  Notebooks,  notes and general operations are pretty similar to standard Premium (or Basic,  or Plus) in both accounts,  the difference being in the access to 'public' notes which overlap all accounts (though they're still confidential to the business,  rather than being available to anyone with the URL).  Some people who have access to a business account like to keep their own personal Evernote account completely separate.


So.  If your employer upgrades to business and provides access for three employees,  then yes,  she's paying for you.  You don't have to use the employee Premium account that comes with the Business package,  but you certainly could.  You could also share the notebooks from your personal account with your business account so you can go on using them without having to swop around.


Regarding sharing login details - don't.  Not even with one person.  You will lose data if you and he both change the same document around the same time,  because your Evernote account thinks it's just you changing things.  If you get your colleague to open a Basic account and share a notebook with him,  he can make changes that you (and Evernote) will see are his.  If he starts to edit while you're still working,  he'll be told you have locked the note and he'll have to wait.  If changes have been made to a note in your notebook,  they'll stick no matter how you organise the administration.


Business accounts help collaboration,  but you won't be able to look over someone's shoulder.  Change a note and you'll see the changes when it's saved to the central library.  You won't see every keystroke along the way.


Business accounts get priority support,  and there's a Chat option from the support page (7am-7pm PST weekdays).


How many users?  How many have you got?  You'd probably want to be cautious over 50 seats,  but less than a dozen should be fine.


I'd suggest though - before you go all-out on a conversion exercise,  just get three free accounts and dedicate them to this job.  Use some test documents and save them to a notebook in one account.  Share that primary notebook with the other two accounts.  Trial your operations for a month - always remembering that if this doesn't work you'll delete these notes so avoid business-critical stuff.  If it seems like a full-on application will work,  upgrade the main account to Business and start using real data! 


Have a look in the Help Center (link in my signature) - there's lots of Business related stuff in there too.

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I have just set up my business evernote account but when i sent invites to a few of my colleagues, they installed evernote and signed up for a basic account rather than the business one.  How do I get them transferred/upgraded to the business account?

So they have a personal basic evernote account, but they also need to be part of the business environment for which I have already sent and invite to them for.  Every time I try to upgrade them, Evernote just asks them to pay for the premium service, but no business options available.

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Hi.  As a Business user you're entitled to priority tech support,  so I'd suggest you follow the Help Center link in my signature below and scroll to the bottom of the Troubleshooting page for the Contact Support button.  They don't work weekends,  but you'll be able to use a live chat option 0700-1900 (PT) weekdays.

Meantime there's a lot of help in the HC - see this link for how to add new users... 

The one problem I can now see you having is that the individual users' personal free accounts have 'used up' up their company email address.  (Email addresses can only be connected to one account.)  You'll need to get them to change the email address in the personal account to something else (see Help Center) and then - unless they also want a separate account - to deactivate the personal one(s).  (Help Center again..)

You could have a chat with Support first though and see whether they can come up with anything less complicated.  ;)

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